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After School Programs for the Clear Lake, TX Area

Here at Clear Lake Montessori School, we aim to help your child begin their journey to becoming an intelligent, productive member of society by utilizing the Montessori education method. Our Clear Lake, TX community consists of children, families and teachers who come together to further the educational and personal development of our youngest citizens. We offer a safe, happy environment in which your children can learn and grow.
Kindergarten Montessori Education Clear Lake, TX

Montessori Teachers Follow A Philosophy

The philosophy first laid down by Italian physician and educator Maria Montessori places its emphasis on encouragement of a child’s natural psychological, physical and social development. Each individual child's independence is promoted through a philosophy of 'freedom within limits’ with a focus on allowing a child's natural preferences and abilities to come to the fore. 

Montessori teachers know that our children can choose activities from prescribed options and have freedom of movement within the classroom.
Summer Crafts Camp Clear Lake, TX
Learning By Doing
The early development of your child is greatly improved by their undertaking of various practical skills. Activities involving pouring and spooning, for example, are very important, and are presented alongside other activities for the development of the senses, such as music and arts exercises. 

Basic math and language tasks also play a part, so that children are ready to move into the next stage of their education.
Preschool Education Clear Lake, TX
Child Development
Clear Lake Montessori School lays the foundation for your child's future educational development. We offer preschool education and kindergarten Montessori educations, with school lunch programs for all.

Once through our preschool and kindergarten program, elementary education marks the beginning of a new stage in your child’s development. 

Children become increasingly social and group minded. The need for organization and rules is increasingly apparent, and this helps them to function in an orderly fashion in any future setting.

In addition to our educational programs, we also offer after school programs and summer crafts camps.
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