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Montessori Teachers serving Clear Lake, TX & the Surrounding Areas

As children learn and grow, their needs and interests change . Educational offerings should change and grow with the child. Our educational model is geared to meeting the needs of children as they enter each new plane of development. Our preschool education program is specifically designed to challenge and stimulate kids as they progress through each new phase of their lives. 
Our Montessori teachers recognize these sensitive periods in a child's life and ensure each child is properly equipped to move on to their next stage of development.
Preschool Education Clear Lake, TX

Age-Appropriate Kindergarten & Preschool Education Programs

Our age-appropriate programs guide children as they progress by catering to their shifting needs. Infants and toddlers begin by discovering and attempting to control their environment, by learning to move and communicate clearly.

From 3 to 6 years old, children strive for new experiences and being social with friends becomes very important. Our preschool education program takes this change into account.

At 5 to 6 years of age their exploration of our culture and society begins. At this stage children thirst to know the reasons for things so that their understanding of the world can grow. Our kindergarten Montessori educational system allows children to reach their fullest potential.
Summer Crafts Camp Clear Lake, TX
The Clear Lake Montessori School at Clear Lake, TX has a curriculum intended to make sure that the intellectual and physical needs of preschool children are met. In this way we can best prepare them to deal with the new and exciting challenges ahead of them. 

Our program of age-appropriate activities is specifically designed to fire the imaginations of young people and help develop their interpersonal skills. By offering new and stimulating life experiences, we aim to produce bright, happy, intelligent individuals capable of making a mark on society.
Classic Wooden Toys
Building and Construction
Everyday Skills
Lacing and Sewing
Memory Exercises, Puzzles and Mazes
Sorting, Shapes and Sizes
The Five Senses

Alphabets and Phonics
Vocabulary and Pre-Reading
Writing and Pre-Reading
Other Language (Sign)

Children Around the World
Dramatic Play
Animals & Habitats
Imaginative Play

Expressive Art
Puppets, Felt
Counting & Number Recognition
Multiplication, Division and Fractions
Other Math

Habitats & Lifecycles
Plant Life
The Body
Other Science
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